29 RZ
Itinera Offices
29 RZ
Itinera Offices

The project theme is the creation of representation and acceptance spaces for the ITINERA spa company realized in the new office building in Tortona (AL).
The aim of the project was to realize two distinct areas at the ground floor: a dedicated reception, with an elegant entrance hall, a large boardroom and other meeting rooms; but also an another area reserved for operational and executive offices.
Through this project was created a central bore, in order to illuminate with natural light the new boardroom on the one hand and the new offices on the other side.
This cavedium, realized by the demolition of a portion of the existing floor, has a long and narrow section, and is made up by two curved glass walls from which the offices and the boardroom get natural light.
The glasswalls are divided by metal septa made with satin brass finish.
In order to emphasize the reflection of natural light on the glass walls, has been created asheet of water on the bottom of the shaft, in order to characterize thiscavedium as a kind of channel.

Tortona, 2013